National award: Framework serves as guide to sustainability projects

A diverse group of public and private partners supported the development of a framework for sustainability projects that document the progress made by farmers using sustainability metrics, financial indices and environmental assessment tools to estimate benefits of conservation practices to local water and land resources.


Sustainability projects

Farmers for Sustainable Foods continues to help grow a network of farmer-led watershed conservation groups. We closely support six of them in Wisconsin. They are expanding innovative farming practices that are proving, by science and data, to be reducing the risk to the environment.

Producer-Led Group Roadmap: A guide
to farmers and partners in conservation

Farmers for Sustainable Food, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, and The Nature Conservancy collaborated to create a guide for farmers looking to form a watershed conservation group.

Learn more by listening to the Dairy Stream podcast

The Dairy Stream podcast talks with Rachel Rushmann, Producer-led Program manager at Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection; Steve Richter, director of agriculture strategies at The Nature Conservancy in Wisconsin; and Lauren Brey, director of strategic partnerships and sustainability for Farmers for Sustainable Food, who together created the Producer-led Group Roadmap: Finding Success in Farmer-Led Watershed Organizations.

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